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Sunday 13 02 2011 19:00
Meeting Point: U1 VIC – Kaisermühlen
WORM/detour presents Will Schrimshaw: Acoustic Subtraction

Saturate every atom.

Twenty minutes of white noise followed by twenty minutes of “silence”. The audible world masked and cancelled out by the potentials of all sound, the act of listening cleansed by its own saturation.

After a period of listening to white noise, to all of sound at once, the otherwise insignificant and easily ignored noises of the world are allowed to seep back in all their miniscule intensity.

Meeting Point: 19:00, Subway Station U1 VIC – Kaisermühlen (Performance Location)

This piece was devised by Will Schrimshaw and Jamie Allen.
An event by WORM/detour moddr_lab Rotterdam/Vienna, Supported by Wien Kultur


Sunday 30 01 2011 21:00
WORM/detour presents Gwilly Edmondez at rhiz

This sunday night, the stage belongs to Gwilly Edmondez, whose sample spitting improv performance will be reflected and notated in real time by two selected artists working in different media. Improvised music meets instant notation.

Growing up in South Wales, Gwilly Edmondez and his friends felt a strange uneasiness when listening to their favorite rock and pop bands. The music made them feel free and alive, revolutionary and ready to rule this world, but they were wondering why, how and if this kind of music could seriously require being so structured in the way it is made – written down and translated in to the standard language of any other music, then rehearsed, performed, marketed and repeated?

Having nothing better to do they went on and founded Radioactive Sparrow (1980-2003, reformed 2009), a stand-up improv lets-just-do-this instant rock band. Soon though, some infidels started to express their doubts about the validity of this kind of music, not even impressed by the sheer mass of their output of no less than 25 tapes between 1980 and 1986. [1] So Gwilly Edmondez went even further and studied BA, MA and PhD degrees in music composition, focussing his research on proving everybody else wrong. Among his teachers at Goldsmith University was John Tilbury of Scratch Orchestra and AMM fame, who, after Edmondez was thrown out of Goldsmiths, congratulated him and said “Now you can get on with some real work.” So he did and today Gwilly Edmondez is teaching postvernacular composition at Newcastle University, where his main research interest lies in liberating the idea of improvised music from the influence academia had on it. He also frequently appears on Vicky Bennetts Do or DIY with People Like Us show on WMFU. His own radio show “Make Property History” is live on Culture Lab Radio every monday at 8pm.

Gwilly Edmondez’ improvised sample spitting solo vocal live performances could be described as the closest thing to the sound of an angel landing in an electronic music gear shop.

[1] Historical note: Radioactive Sparrow reformed in 2009 and so far recorded 87 albums in total (The most recent, ‘Museum of the Future’ is to be released soon on Kakutopia). Their live return was an invitation to play the Cheltenham Fringe Jazz Festival, a show that was recorded by the BBC but remains as yet unbroadcasted, for reasons unknown.

An event by WORM/detour moddr_lab Rotterdam/Vienna, Supported by Wien Kultur

Complete Radioactive Sparrow Discography on Kakutopia
Exclusive releases by Gwilly Edmondez on Ubuweb
Albums by Gwilly Edmondez at Free Music Archives

Wedesday 08 12 2010 20:00
WORM/detour at Klangmanifeste, Echoraum

Albért Bernàrd will perform a vinyl duel between the acoustic and the acousmatic, Bernhard Garnicnig will surf a meta-soundwwwalk about Soundwwwalks, Peter Moosgaard will premier a next-level “tangible” laptop music performance and finally Benjamin Tomasi has selected and will play for us the one record where “sound meets matter” in the most charming way.

Wedesday 08 12 2010 20:00
Sechshauser Straße 66
A-1150 Wien

MLB 2010

Tuesday 23 11 2010 21:00
rhiz / U-Bahnbogen 37 / 1080 Vienna

“In a world of ever more powerful technology, it [is] downright inspiring to experience the sort of communication that [can] be accomplished with a simple on-off switch.” – Marc Weidenbaum, disquiet.com

MLB (Massive Light Boner) is a project which brings together a set of contemporary performance artists with an interest in the possibilities of minimal and maximal use of white light and noise aesthetics. Hosted by STEIM (www.steim.org) and organized by Jamie Allen (www.heavyside.net), the project is firstly an ensemble performance project featuring a collection of conceptual noise/white-light performance works together for the first time, live.

Phillip Stearns a.k.a. Pixelform http://www.art-rash.com/pixelform
Jamie Allen http://heavyside.net
Chung-Han YAO http://www.yaolouk.com
Jo Kazuhiro http://jo.swo.jp

+ DJ Adam Parkinson + DJ Albért Bernàrd


Jamie Allens Circuit Music

Phil Stearns aka. Pixel Form

Chung-Han YAO

Recording of Martin Howse: Active Circuit

Soundwwwalk videos from WORM Rotterdam and iMAL Brussels (November 2010)

Martin Howse: Active Circuit – Performance Schematics

Sunday 31 10 2010 16:00
Raum D/quartier21/Museumsquartier Wien

Starting at Museumsquartier, Martin Howse will take us on a Detour through the city in a psychogeophysical action exploring the excitation and subsequent detection of urban phenomena across three distinct regions of the electromagnetic spectrum: so called radio, visible light and ionizing radiation.

A practical (magical) and symbolic action is proposed, the micro analysis of a local scene (how to describe a set of simple coincidences) and its embedding within emergent, large-scale geomagnetic phenomena (a series of enclosures encompassed by term such as earth, Ionosphere, Van Allen belts and deep space).

Active Circuit probes found materials, invisible architectures and ad-hoc structures assembled and constructed into a projective, active city circuit; a forensics of the future suggested by the city street as an active version control system.

Afterwards we head back to Raum D where he will present and demonstrate a short series of psychogeophysical investigations and interventions.

In highly paranoiac manner, psychogeophysics seeks to expand the terms of this simple equation to embrace psychogeography and urbanism, proposing an exchange between imaginary realms, the digital and the observed, which allows for speculative notions such as data sedimentation or for the application of techniques including those of version control to urban locales.


“Recorded using HF detektor in the apron of Berlin Tempelhof former Flughafen. High frequency background with an intermittent, repetitive loud chirping signal (a set of three peaks) returning every five seconds. The same signal was also heard in many locations around Tempelhof”

Berlin Tempelhof – unusual repetitive signal 01 (from http://detektors.org/, by Martin Howse)

What is Psychogeophysics?

Question: you enter a room, what happens to you?
Answer: psychogeography.
Question: what is happening to you from outside the room?
Answer: Psychogeophy.
Question: What?
Answer: Psychogeophysics; just as the entire weight of the earth conspire to pull down suspended objects (gravity; a relatively weak but keystone force) the human condition is being shaped by the entire earth: psychology as plate tectonics of the mind (duh).

dark heart of codeness .walk (Tue 3rd August)

A .walk into computational darkness, Tuesday the second of August 2010. [15.00-17.00] at the entrance of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park.

Find similar images (objects who’s development follows an historical thread which can be compared and who’s emergence is not accidental) (by Joel Holmberg)

Videos from Detour Track 2: Contextual Concerts (27 06 2010)

Sunday 27 06 2010 18:30
Raum D/quartier21/Museumsquartier Wien

On Sunday the June 27th 2010 Detour continues to break rules that were not there before: We think the resonating space around us shall never be assumed to be contributed to exclusively nor shall this soundscape be thought of as anyones composition. Thus Michael Fischer (Saxophone), Matthias Kassmannhuber (MPC) and Benjamin Tomasi (Guitar, Light Barrier) will each play a Contextual Concert where the sonic actant plays his instrument for, with, along, against and/or unaffected by the surrounding soundscape, which in this case will be dominated by the 4-track road and subway ventilation shaft between Museumsquartier and Maria-Theresienplatz. The three musicians follow the Contextual Concert Two Line Manifesto: To play a Contextual Concert means to contribute without full control. Thus the sound amplification system shall amplify the surrounding soundscape as much as the musician. Each involved entity may influence, affect and disturb the other.

Entrance is free, doors open at 1830, performances start at 1900.

Benjamin Tomasi: Desert In (2010)

Benjamin Tomasi: Desert In (2010)

White Stripes: One Note Show (2007)

Yoshio Kuge: The Fist (Hibari Music, 2009)

Constant Dullaart Soundwwwalk Chatlog Score

[5/23/10 9:02:55 PM] constant dullaart:

[5/23/10 9:03:00 PM] constant dullaart:

[5/23/10 9:03:10 PM] constant dullaart:
New TAB:

[5/23/10 9:03:24 PM] constant dullaart:
new tab


[5/23/10 9:03:40 PM] constant dullaart:
Back to 2nd tab:

[5/23/10 9:03:50 PM] constant dullaart:

[5/23/10 9:04:29 PM] bgarnicnig: done

[5/23/10 9:04:37 PM] constant dullaart:
Open New TAB

[5/23/10 9:05:15 PM] constant dullaart:
open new tab:



and make the morse code file play

[5/23/10 9:05:20 PM] bgarnicnig:

[5/23/10 9:05:26 PM] constant dullaart:

[5/23/10 9:05:50 PM] bgarnicnig:

[5/23/10 9:06:08 PM] constant dullaart:
Close first tab

[5/23/10 9:06:25 PM] constant dullaart:
open new tab:

[5/23/10 9:07:07 PM] constant dullaart:
open new tab:

[5/23/10 9:08:04 PM] constant dullaart:
open new tab:

[5/23/10 9:09:28 PM] constant dullaart:
open new tab:

[5/23/10 9:09:56 PM] constant dullaart:
open new tab:

[5/23/10 9:10:51 PM] constant dullaart:

Video from Detour Track 1: Soundwwwalk (23 05 2010)

WORM Detour – Soundwwwalking (23 05 2010)
With performances by Peter Moosgaard, Joel Holmberg, Julian Palacz and Constant Dullaart

Photos from Detour Track 1: Soundwwwalk (23 05 2010)

Sunday 23 05 2010 19:00
Raum D/quartier21/Museumsquartier Wien

Detour premiers with an evening dedicated to Soundwwwalking, an emerging genre of live browser-based performances using <embed> improvisation, plugin sound-collage and multitab mixing, shamelessly blending the traditions of pro-surfing, Soundwalking and laptop music. Joel Holmberg, Peter Moosgaard and Constant Dullaart will take the audience on a sonic Detour through the World Wide Web. A Soundwwwalk considers the act of surfing the World Wide Web as form of sonic action. On Sunday May 23rd 2010 Julian Palacz will interpret a Soundwwwalk score transmitted in realtime by Constant Dullaart, Peter Moosgaard will perform a live Soundwwwalk himself and Bernhard Garnicnig will perform several works by Joel Holmberg. All performances follow the Soundwwwalk One-Line-Manifesto: All sound sources must be played in a browser, must not be self-produced and must to be publicly accessible.

Entrance is free, doors open at 1900, performances start at 1930.

собака Бэ бэ бэээ vs. 2PAC- Picture Me Rollin’ (Instrumental) by VJ Real (via Constant Dullaart)

Joel Holmberg: Browser Score #1 (2009)

Darren Solomon: In Bb 2.0

Guthrie Lonergan: Acapella

Joel Holmberg: Pups & Order

paper usher with lyrics vs. Man Goat by VJ Ann O’Nymous

Guthrie Lonergan: 3 notes – 1 2 3 (after jmb)

Marisa Olson: Boomerang (2009)